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Month: August 2017

eLab Demo Day 2017

Write Up: Keller Demo Day 2017

This year the Keller Center held its sixth annual eLab Summer Accelerator Program Demo Day.  I covered the event for The overall community & sustainability focus from the teams that pitched their businesses this year was truly inspiring. The students who presented their pitches are putting themselves out there and trying to make a difference in the world; it looks like many of them will be successful.  Read my article over at

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5 Front-End Steps You Can Take to Improve Your SEO

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a popular buzzword; unlike some digital trends, I don’t imagine the SEO hype dying down any time soon.  It is ultimately an unbiased, rigorous test of your website and online presence that determines if you are worthy of ranking for specific internet searches. Google’s search algorithm is something of great wonder and mystery (at this point it’s self-learning, and no one person at Google knows every bit of it), but if I had to chalk it up to one thing, it would be to simply “have a good website.” This sounds too easy, and in concept it is.  A lot of what is making websites rank so high is the quantity and quality of their content, and how people […]

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