A New Website and a Fresh Start

My new beginning starts with a new website

It’s been a long time in the works, but I am proud to have finally launched my new website (yes, this one we are on right now!).  Having worked in In Vitro Diagnostics Marketing as a hybrid marketing coordinator/media planner/designer for almost 4 years, I felt it was time for a change and time for a job that better utilized my skills and let me take more control of my life.  So in the beginning of April this year, I decided to take the leap and launch my freelancing to a full time gig.  With this website finally being ready to publish – sans the work samples page which I am still working diligently on making presentable – I am in a great place to begin this new chapter in my life.

What’s in the blog for you?

While this post in particular oozes of sentimental text, I don’t necessarily intend that to be a reoccurring theme throughout the entire blog.  I actually want to utilize this space to write articles about my various marketing and freelancer experiences, everyday new discoveries in the industry, and any tips and tricks I have or pick up along the way. I hope for it to be a space valuable to marketing professionals AND designers.   Eventually I will be expanding the blog to include designer resources such as downloadable elements and suggestions for other great resource websites or offers.

Now what?

If you are looking to get in touch about the services I offer, check out my contact page where I have a form you can submit.  I know forms are a hassle, but it does help me protect against spam and unwanted solicitations.  Please subscribe to my mailing list if you would like to get blog and website updates when they go live.


That’s about all for now.  Don’t forget to follow me on social media, Cheers!