View Thru Technologies

Logo Vectorization, Trifold Sales Brochure, & Website Design

Website Design

The View Thru website was in desperate need of an overhaul; it was designed in 2008 and hadn’t been touched since!  

I built the new website on WordPress using the Handel Theme from Codeless. This project involved planning how the site would be laid out, collecting content, minor copy dev, stock photo discovery and editing, design of graphics for product pages, and of course the design of the site itself.  I also managed the process of setting up the development site and publishing the site live.

The finished website features:

– A fully responsive and all-screen friendly site integrated with Google Analytics
– A beautiful scrolling background homepage with full-width banner displaying the company’s tagline

– Product pages featuring vector graphics detailing the layer makeup of products as well as data comparison charts

– A download page where visitors can input their information to download product sheets

– A blog where View Thru employees can share updates on their business and the industry

– FAQ section with expandable questions/answers

– Sales Rep page where visitors can find their local sales rep based on their location.

– Search function enabling visitors to search the entire site for keywords (search excludes purposely hidden pages such as the product sheet  downloads)

Site Map:  Home, About Us, Our Process, Products, EMI/RFI Shielding, Optical Enhancement Coatings, Value-Added Display Services, Downloads, FAQ, News, Contact Us, Sales Representatives, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy





Trifold Brochure

View Thru reached out to me looking for a new collateral piece their sales team could use, since at the time they really didn’t have anything like this.

I worked with the client to figure out what type of piece would work best, and though they came to me looking for a booklet, we ultimately decided that a large style trifold brochure would work best.  

The majority of the copy was provided by the client, while I handled everything on the design end. This included the overall design/layout, stock photo discovery and editing, photo retouching, and creation of all charts/graphics used based on data provided by the client.





Logo Vectorization

As with many clients, View Thru only had access to a small GIF file of their logo when I started the brochure project with them.  Its a common problem, and thankfully one I am able to solve.  I provided the client with a vectorized logo, tracing it out in Adobe Illustrator. They can now use their logo for any size application without risk of pixelation!